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We have dedicated game servers and hosting website service knowlegde of minecraft, arma 3 and rust server hosting at the time. We can host your website for the price of your preference. So what is the differences from our service and why you should pick HostUp instead of other hosting websites.

Let me explain to you why we made HostUp hosting website. David in the team is scripting and keeping track on everything looks clean and works perfect. Robin as the manager of HostUp. David had an idea of a website hosting service thought that other was high priced and low help from the staff. From the older days of arma 3 server hosting community we had over 10 different game servers. 2/10 was good and stable for a long time with complicated support. Some of the hosting websites business today have a complicated support tickets and high priced service, we want to make it the opposite way that’s why we came up with HotsUp. We want to make it simple for all users to understand that you dont have to be an expert to set up your own website or game server.

“We do it for you” HostUps service has a ddos protection we are working on ssd storage space that’s 10 times faster than HDD speed also offers an 24/7 support for the more priced plans, HostUp have an easy understaning control panel (Cpanel) and we will set up your website directly when you have just purchased it. We will explain and make easy for you to understand and the service is low priced.


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