How do SSD’s function & do they hold up to HDD’s?

The major difference between Solid-state drives (SSDs) and Hard disk drives (HDDs) is in the name, Solid-state. Because SSD’s have no moving components they are able both faster and more durable, especially...

Black Friday VPS Deals – 50% OFF from $1.75/mo

Hello everyone! Today is Friday 29rd November 2019, Black Friday as you may know it. Well, guess what! We over at HostUp is currently offering 50% off all our VPS plans for the first billing period. Right now...

How to Keep Your Company’s Data Out of the Latest Cyber Snares

It’s not unusual to think that because your business is small, it’s immune to cyber threats. Unfortunately, that’s a dangerous attitude. In fact, hackers use tactics that actually target small businesses, and...

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