Cloudflare CDN + Railgun now available!

HostUp now offers hosting with free Cloudflare railgun on our shared cpanel plans. Read more about it on our blog, and how to activate it.

IPv6 now available!

IPv6 is now available for all our VPS plans. For existing VPS deployments you can request to be allocated /64 IPv6 block, as for new deployments you will be allocated this automatically.


CentOS 8 now available!

Hello everyone! CentOS 8 now available as an operating system for our VPS packages. it's built on the 4.18 Linux kernel, even though that is not the newest kernel it is all about stability and it is a lot newer than CentOS 7 3.10.

Nevertheless you can install this via your services > VPS > reinstall and then select CentOS 8.