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Recurring Affiliate System with tiers

Stop falling for those one-time big pay affiliate systems, and start earning passive income instead! With us, you get a 25% recurring affiliate meaning that you can passively grow your income.

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* If the referred customer should cancel the plan it also cancels your recurring affiliate payouts for that particular affiliate

  Value of Sales per month New Recurring Income Total Monthly Income
Month 1 100 25 25
Month 2 150 37.5 62.5
Month 3 300 75 127.5
Month 4 300 75 202.5
Month 5 300 75 227.5
Month 6 300 75 352.5
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Long Cookie Duration

If you should refer a future customer to our website, but they only decide to purchase after an extensive amount of time, you still get the commission! We use long term, 90-day tracking cookie meaning that the affiliate can come to our website, up to 90 days later and purchase something and you will still get the commission!

This ensures that whoever the affiliate was who referred the customer always gets credited!

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Realtime Performance Monitoring

You will have access to an easy to use dashboard where you can view the number of clicks, conversion rate, and signups in realtime to help you make the best out of your advertisement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join HostUp's affiliate program?

Anyone can join our affiliate program, and you do not need to be a customer to do so. However, we are quite sure that you also will enjoy our hosting services!

How long does it take for me to get notified about a purchace?

You will get updated instantly as our affiliate dashboard is in realtime. You will also get a monthly affiliate report via email.

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